The Devil's Clown

236 pages -

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ISBN: 3734770092:

EAN: 9783734770098

Published by Books on Demand in March 2015

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The girl puts an eye to the keyhole and watches the Alien making love to her mother. Who is to blame for allowing him inside?

Gloria is to blame: Gloria must be punished: Punishment is a familiar thing.Sally smashes her head, pulls out her eyes and buries her doll in the bin.

The story relates the aftermath of domestic abuse; the emotional neglect of cruel and dispassionate parents, and a young girl, convinced that happiness can be restored by making people laugh. Sally hides behind her image of 'Miss Flummi the Clown'. Soon, she is a brilliant performer in the vibrant and colourful world of the circus.

But her behaviour is bizarre and her habits are strange; the Devil demands revenge when atrocities refuse to be buried.

Soon to retire and on his last case, Detective Inspector Nicholas Lightbone, known as Nickbone, investigates a string of fatal accidents; strange accidents and all  connected with Sally, who had been junior champion in trampoline gymnastics and trained by his wife.  Nickbone's obsession with this final case in a long and successful career threatens to change his life. It takes him to the limits of endurance.