A funny and poignant story of young pioneers in the Australian outback.


Australia is a free and easy country and offers endless opportunity for those willing to work hard - is the parole in 1960, when a group of young immigrants leave their homeland in search of a better life.

Two young adventurers jump a freight-train to escape the inhuman working conditions as linesmen on the Nullarbor; the beginning of a long and eventful journey into the unknown world of the 'outbacker'; Aborigine culture; the rain-forests of north Queensland and a hazardous journey down the 'Red Center'.


Natural events occupy the mining-community of a lonely tropical island in the north-west; heavy 'cock-eyed-bob' winds; a sudden open ocean-bed; fishing and shark-hunting expeditions as well as an unexpected 'Royal-Visit', keep inhabitants occupied until their return to civilization.


Three young tradesmen - now 'real dinkum Aussies' - erect farm-buildings in the outback accompanied by a flock of drunken turkeys, kangaroo-hunting and cockatoos in the water-tank. They enjoy the free and easy life of 'three bushies in the 'never-never'. Can they pick up the threads of a previous life?

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